Enrollment stats underscore College's diversity.

Demographics are in for the current undergraduate and graduate classes in the College of Business Administration and the figures support the aptness of the name Florida International University.

Each class—bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.—reveals a rich gender and ethnic blend among the 5,543 students, 2,852 of whom are women and 2,691 of whom are men.

In the undergraduate class, consisting of 4,610 students, women outnumber men 2,408 to 2,202. The class consists of five American Indians, 160 Asians, 464 African Americans, 2,798 Hispanics, and 663 Anglos, as well as 476 students representing other ethnic groups. Some declined to identify their ethnicity.

At the master’s level, the numbers reflect a similar ethnic mix, though men outnumber women by a small margin—458 to 430—in this population of 888. Members of the group include one American Indian, 56 Asians, 76 African Americans, 385 Hispanics, 121 Anglos, and 241 people from other countries.

Forty-five doctoral candidates currently are enrolled in the College: three Asians, two Blacks, six Hispanics, five Anglos, and 29 from other ethnic groups. Fourteen of the Ph.D. students are female, 31 male.

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