Latin America Hopes to Lift Global Profile

Chilean universities lead the way; others in region struggle against budgets and bureaucracy.

In 2008, when much of the world was deep in recession, Chile was rolling in revenue from its copper mines. Rather than invest the windfall at home, however, the government did a surprising thing: It set aside $6-billion to pay for Chileans to earn graduate degrees abroad.

The decision, which education experts say is by far the largest per capita investment in study-abroad scholarships by a Latin American government, was rooted in the belief that the country’s future depends on its development of humal capital.

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Ms. Bachalet, Chile’s first female president, emphasized the new, equal footing between American and Latin American universities while signing several research agreements with the State of California and the University in Mexico, particularly in the capital, which so far remains removed from the drug violence. The private Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, in Mexico City, has four joint master’s programs, including one in international accounting with Florida International University.

Read: “Latin America Hopes to Lift Global Profile,“ an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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