Women CFOs more reliable?

More evidence for gender equality in the boardroom? A survey finds women make better CFOs.

Enthralling news from our friends across the pond: according to the American Accounting Association, female chief financial officers (CFOs) are better at their jobs. Well, sort of: research by the Association has shown that lady CFOs have ‘a higher quality of accruals’. That may sound like a dubious euphemism, but it’s actually something quite important in accounting terms.

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Professor Abhijit Barua of Florida University, who ran the study, reckons this is no great surprise. Women, he says, are generally acknowledged to be less aggressive and more cautious when it comes to making financial decisions and issuing debt – and therefore far more inclined to follow best practice when it comes to accounting.

Read: “Women CFOs more reliable?,“ an article from ManagementToday.com.

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