All eyes on Gulf Coast oil spill as Teach-In addresses community concerns.

The catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill from the explosion on the British Petroleum (BP) offshore drilling rig continues to spread. South Florida and the Florida Keys are not yet free from risk, as the region prepares for a worst-case scenario if affected by the leak.

To address rising concerns, Florida International University’s (FIU) School of Environment and Society (SEAS) recently hosted a free Teach-In on the Gulf of Mexico oil leak crisis. More than 75 members from the local academic, business, media and scientific communities attended to hear a panel of experts discuss the science of the oil spill and the potential effect the spill could have on the coastline.

Event taps FIU expertise.

Joining the panel was Edward Glab, clinical professor of business in the College of Business Administration’s Department of Management and International Business and director of the Global Energy Security Forum (GESF) in FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), who led the discussion on the policy and energy implications of the oil spill.

“Today we depend upon oil for 98 percent of our transportation fuel,” Glab said. “We need to transition to cleaner transportation fuels because—as an incident like this recent oil spill so clearly illustrates—such a heavy dependence on oil presents security, economic and environmental threats.”

Other panelists focused the discussion on relevant scientific topics, including the history of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, the chemistry of oil spills and the potential toxic impact to the coastal habitats of Florida.

Local, national and international organizations continue to seek Glab’s insights.

A recognized oil and gas industry expert, Glab has appeared on NBC, CNN en Español, Univision (“Despierta America” and national evening newscasts), Globovision, AmericaTV (programs “Mano Limpa” and the “Fernando Hidalgo Show”) and dozens of live radio interviews in both the morning and afternoons.

Edward Glab was one of the experts
Edward Glab was one of the experts to participate in “Ripple Effect: The Impact of America’s Worst Oil Spill,” a panel organized by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve also talked to reporters from USA Today, Christian Science Monitor and Spain’s EFE—the fourth biggest newswire in the world after AP, UPI and Reuters—about this ongoing tragedy,” he said, noting that in addition to the FIU Teach-in, he spoke at the annual meeting of CAMACOL (Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States) and at a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce meeting titled “Ripple Effect: The Impact of America’s Worst Oil Spill.”

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