New yoga studio combines Zen with the art of EMBA business plans.

Follow your bliss. It’s sage advice that rings true for Cybele Chamas (EMBA ’04) as she combines her passion for yoga with her business acumen to launch Miami-based CORPO Yoga Studio.

Chamas began practicing yoga more than a decade ago. She’s spent time in the corporate world too—and she knows how tension takes its toll in that environment.

“I believe in the power of yoga and the benefits it brings to people and communities,” Chamas said. “That’s why I decided to combine what I love with a business opportunity—and launch a new yoga studio in a Miami neighborhood that did not offer that kind of service to its residents.”

CORPO Yoga Studio

Three months after its opening, CORPO Yoga Studio now employs more than 20 teachers and offers more than 40 yoga classes per week.

One of the 40 weekly classes offered at CORPO Yoga Studio

Breathe in. Breathe out. And use yoga for business team building.

In addition to the studio offerings, Chamas is bringing yoga to the business world.

“My Executive MBA (EMBA) business plan project created the foundation for launching my program for integrating yoga into team-building corporate activities,” she said. “You know the typical business retreat agenda—sitting in a room all day, eating cookies and watching PowerPoint presentations. Our approach offers a break in that routine, providing a chance to relax, meditate and re-energize as well as learn to become more open to support from others to achieve goals.”

Chamas applies skills learned as part of the EMBA program at Florida International University (FIU)—including finance, marketing, research and management—into running her yoga studio.

Members of the CORPO Yoga Studio staff.

“I wrote my business plan. I know my business best,” she said. “I feel I am equipped to handle every aspect of my studio operations. Decisions big and small are mine to make.”

Cybele Chamas and her daughter Julia

Next up: Chamas is hosting events for College of Business Administration alumni at her studio and on campus. CORPO Yoga Studio will also be offering relaxing yoga breaks to faculty and staff during an upcoming Staff Appreciation Day.

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