Workers turn to graduate-level business certificates

Want more earning power without paying big bucks for an MBA? Get a business certificate, some South Florida employers say.

More advanced than a bachelor’s degree but not quite a master’s, the certificate bills itself as a tool for promotion in today’s competitive job market. And employers value certificates in the workplace, where experience used to trump education in certain fields.

“Before, we did hire based on experience, but we’re in a different era now,” said Aileen Diaz, director of human relations at Homestead-based Community Bank. “You need experience but you also need that educational background because technology more than anything has brought us to a place where you need to think outside the box.”

South Florida business schools offer a variety of certificates, from hands-on bank loan review certificates to graduate business certificates that can lead to full-fledged MBAs. Some cater to highly specific fields, while others allow students to take core business classes and use those credits toward a master’s degree.

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