For today’s worker, it pays to sharpen those skills

Three years after companies cut training to the bone, they are beginning to invest in workers again. But there’s one thing employees have learned from the recession: Don’t rely on the bosses to keep our skills sharp.

“It’s our responsibility now,” said Thomas H. Shea, CEO of Right Management, Florida/Caribbean Region. “Learning needs to be continuous if we want to advance and stay marketable.”

Ask an employee what they expect of their employers and “opportunities for career advancement” are high on the list. But to seize those opportunities — and take ownership of our own professional development — we need to figure out what training we need, where to go to get it and how to ask for cooperation from our employer.

Of course, squeezing skill-building into your work-life balance takes creativity, negotiation and self-sacrifice.

Fortunately, there are many more ways to grow and advance one’s career outside the confines of work.

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