Marketing strategy: It's all about the customer

You think you have a great product or service. Now how do you sell it?

Without a marketing strategy, you can’t make your business a go. That may sound obvious, but it’s one of the areas lacking in many plans submitted in the Business Plan Challenge in recent years.

The good news is with all the social media options, marketing need not be as expensive as in years past. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Being interactive in real time, social media provides the tools — but you have to know how to use them.

“It’s still important to understand your customer. It’s still important to understand their pain or problem and how your product or service solves that,’’ said John Fleming, technology practice lead at social web agency Biztegra Partners who gave a marketing and social media seminar at Florida International University last week. “But now it’s all about the customer. It’s about meeting their needs when they need it.”

Read : ” Marketing strategy: It’s all about the customer ” an aricle by The Miami Herald

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