Miami entrepreneurs sell sleep in a bottle

Pull up the covers and get ready for a bedtime story.

It’s the tale of four young Miami entrepreneurs who put a good night’s sleep into a bottle and sold it to Wal-mart and Walgreens.

The story ? It’s true.

The idea that Dream Water will relax you and lull you to sleep? As with almost any natural supplement, experts say they really don’t know.

The story began one night five years ago, when Vincent Porpiglia, a Florida International University business student, tossed and turned in bed, as he often did.

“I got to thinking about energy drinks and how successful they were,’’ said Porpiglia, 25. “I realized there are tons of sleeping pills out there, but there is really no sleeping drink.’’

So he came up with the concept of Dream Water. “And the same night, I thought of the name,’’ he said. The next day, Porpiglia got to work on the components of the drink.

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