The Achiever: Albert Santalo

Albert Santalo expects health care providers in 30 states…

CareCloud President and CEO Albert Santalo is quickly on his way to becoming a serial entrepreneur.

The company, which offers social networking-style practice management software, traces its seeds back to only January 2009. It secured $2.3 million from investors, according to TechCrunch, and took its product to market last March. The company now has 70 employees in a new office in the Blue Lagoon area, with 200 physician clients and 500 ancillary care providers spread across 10 states.

Mr. Santalo expects health care providers in 30 states to soon be using the CareCloud system.

Trained in computer engineering, he’s worked mostly on the business side of health care technology. Prior to CareCloud, Mr. Santalo in 2001 helped found Avisena, which provided revenue management software to health care providers. Though he exited the company in 2008, he saw opportunities in the sector and was eager to jump back in.

“Our business targets ambulatory health care, which is physician practices of all shapes and sizes,” he said. “That’s a very fragmented and very wasteful segment of health care. Estimates put it between 25% to 50% waste.”

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