More women than men seek help with personal debt, credit counselors find

As cash-strapped Floridians attempt to chip away at their credit-card balances and other consumer debt, women continue to lead the way in seeking help with their own debt ceiling, experts say.

Women top men by a wide margin in Florida when it comes to getting professional help for debt problems, according to new figures from some credit-counseling operations that have clients throughout the state.

From single mothers and divorcées to those who became family breadwinners when their husbands lost their jobs in the recession, women have outnumbered men in the credit-counseling line for much of the past decade, the agencies say.

“The fact is, women earn 81 percent of what men earn, and women have higher debt levels relative to their income than men,” said Deanne Butchey, an assistant dean in the College of Business at Florida International University in Miami. “But there is no hard statistical evidence that women have incurred higher debt in recent years than men, though anecdotally, yes, we do believe that is what is happening.”

Read: “More women than men seek help with personal debt, credit counselors find,“ an article by Orlando Sentinel

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