Brain Power

William Hardin

“I believe in simple attention to detail and not wasting time on unproductive activities. I want to know what really needs to be done.”

As the Director of the Jerome Bain Real Estate Institute at Florida International University, William Hardin III helps students create knowledge through research. “I kept hearing people tell me why things worked the way they did even though they had no basis for their assessment,” says Professor Hardin of his inspiration. “There have to be fundamental reasons things behave the way they do and research can determine these relationships.” Additionally, he’s also focused on communicating the world-class programs and resources available at FIU, and thoroughly enjoys discussions with others involved in policy decisions that impact markets. And there’s more: “I love to read fiction and have Square Books, an independent bookstore in Oxford, Mississippi (home of William Faulkner), send me books every month,” he says. “I was also awarded a Participation Medal for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, but no one can ever guess why, and I’ve met every person from the country of Portugal who’s ever won an Olympic Gold Medal.”

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