Distinguishing Narcissism from Self-Confidence

Contrary to some other studies, a new study finds that self-centered CEOs who “crave acclaim and applause” are more likely to keep their companies at the forefront of technological innovation.

Their desire for attention fuels their willingness to make daring decisions that their less-confident counterparts might shy away from, suggests the study’s authors, who are professors at IMD, a top-ranked business school in Switzerland, Pennsylvania State University and Erlangen-Nuremberg University in Germany. (See more on the study findings here.)

Steve Jobs’ reputation certainly seems to support these conclusions. Known for both his brilliance and arrogance, there is likely to be little disagreement that Jobs was one of the most innovative leaders of our time.

Narcissism is a disorder of self-esteem, says Larry Gard, president of Hamilton-Chase Consulting in Chicago.

“People with this condition have great difficulty feeling okay about themselves unless others continually supply them with positive regard. It’s as if their self-esteem holding tank has a gaping hole and it must be filled from the outside 24/7,” he says.

Read : “Distinguishing Narcissism from Self-Confidence ” an article by LRP Publications

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