Earning MBA pays off, many professionals say

Is an MBA for working professionals worth the time, effort and expense? Some say an emphatic yes, particularly for the network.

Some people think it’s a good hedge to get an MBA during the economic slowdown. Adrian Burstein is one of them. For the last two years, Burstein spent an intense week each month attending classes to get his MBA and the rest of the month working on team projects. “I basically had no life for the last two years,” Burstein said.

But ask Burstein if the money investment and upheaval to his work-life balance was worth it and he gives a confident response: “Definitely. I gained the knowledge and network to grow my business.” With the economy still struggling to rebound, the value of an MBA might be at a high. In tough times, your network and job search resources are that much more valuable. But is it worth sacrificing your outside life for as much as two years and does the investment pay off in today’s weak job market?

Joyce Elam, executive dean of the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, said most of her MBA students are working professionals who see benefit in the degree. Elam has tried to distinguish FIU’s program through its close ties with the business community, which includes bringing its corporate partners into the classroom to interact with students and provide them new contacts in the community. Even more, because students work in teams, classmates not only become future professional contacts, they become their support systems. “We try to put people together with expertise in different areas so they can help each other. I think without that support system we would see a lot more students dropping out of the program.”

Read : “Earning MBA pays off, many professionals say” an article by The Miami Herald

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