Undergrads serve as editorial team—and writers—for CUIBE international business journal.

Having a keen focus on international business isn’t the only differentiator for the Journal for Global Business and Community (JGBC), an academic journal from CUIBE, the Consortium of Undergraduate International Business Education, with 30 member schools.

The multidisciplinary journal, housed at FIU, is a project of the International Business Honor Society (IBHS), a student organization within the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU).

“This academic journal is student-written and student-run which is quite unusual and exciting,” said Constance Bates, IBHS advisor.

Only writing from undergraduate business students is considered.

“What an outstanding opportunity to have work published in an international journal,” said managing editor Mohales Deis, an FIU senior. “We insist on a diverse mixture of writers and subjects that cover a range of cross-disciplinary, international topics from different perspectives.”

Authors in the current issue include FIU student Andres E. Estevez as well as undergrads from American University, National University of Singapore, University of Oklahoma and University of Richmond.

Mohales Deis, managing editor, Journal for Global Business and Community (JGBC)

“Subjects explore navigating the socio-cultural differences between China and America, westernized weddings in Turkey, the semiconductor industry in Asia, the aviation industry in India and Singapore and much more,” Deis said.

Deis and his editorial team of FIU students—senior editor Rodolfo Trigueros, layout editor Raghav Suri and communications editor Audrey Pichy—are currently working on the issue which will present writing from fall 2011.

He pointed out that submissions are accepted anytime on the JGBC website and can be new writing or term papers. Publication dates are April and December of each year.

JGBC came to life at FIU.

Although conceived earlier, the journal got its real start in 2009 when CUIBE asked Bates to manage the project.

“I asked IBHS if they wanted to adopt it as a project and that provided us with a stream of editors,” she said. “Then I asked the PhD students to be reviewers of the articles, which gives them valuable practice working on academic publishing.”

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It was such an honor to be involved in this project. Special thank you to Professor Roomes for tailoring his course to accommodate a greater collective goal. The class was so fortunate to have him green light this project we all cared so much about. So proud of our Panther family and Make-A-Wish volunteer Erin Briede for coming together to help make a huge impact in Lorenzo’s life.

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