Finding degrees of improvement

Bruno Cevallos was a sophomore at Florida International University in 2009, when news about the economic recession kept going from bad to worse: more companies folding, more jobs disappearing, unemployment climbing and the banking industry tanking. On campus, company recruiters were becoming fewer and farther between.

Cevallos realized it wouldn’t be long until he would be tapping this bruised economy for a job. So right then he began to beef up his appeal to prospective employers. He pursued internships. He enrolled in courses that added technical savvy to the conceptual foundation in his business major, and made sure to add an international component as well. In his time off, he took courses to become proficient in number-crunching programs such as Excel and database services such as Bloomberg.

“I realized it wasn’t good enough to have a degree, but to have the right degree,” said Cevallos, who’s graduating in May with a dual bachelor degree, one in business administration, with a concentration in finance and international business, and one in economics. “I took a step back and started taking courses that would satisfy what companies would look for in me, rather than what I was interested in learning.”

Read : “Finding degrees of improvement” an article by Miami Herald

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