Q&A: Chatting with Jerry Haar and Nancy Borkowski of FIU Business – Part 2

There’s something contagious about entrepreneurship, and like epidemics, it’s often misunderstood or feared. But if other innovators can channel that negative energy into something positive, then you have the kind of radiant enthusiasm capable of igniting an entire industry.

Last week you read about the Pino Center, and read Dr. Haar and Dr. Borkowski’s insights on why the healthcare industry needs to be disrupted and what issues its entrepreneurs should look to address. This week, the duo discusses the importance of promoting healthcare technology within the community and whether South Florida can become a hub for inventive healthcare entrepreneurship – something we’ve pondered a few times ourselves.

Read: “Q&A: Chatting with Jerry Haar and Nancy Borkowski of FIU Business,“ an article by CareCloud Blog.

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