Offline is the New Online

NORA ABOUSTEIT: I see three major trends in startups next year.

1. There will be many more companies started by college students and recent graduates. Students are eager to build businesses rather than getting corporate work experience first. Startups are the new Goldman Sachs.

During the past two weeks, I spoke on two panels run by universities that prepare students to become entrepreneurs. Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Conference and Florida International University’s AVCC invited top founders, executives and VCs to share their knowledge in front of eager students who asked
relevant and smart questions. And there are many more of these types of events.

I see students’ LinkedIn profiles including the title “entrepreneur.” It seems to be cool to be one. Millennials appear to find it much more appealing to adapt to an
uncertain work schedule than to a tight corporate structure (and if you think about it, after the financial crash, one is not more secure or certain than the other, anyway).

Now, universities truly embrace failure. I learned from one of my smart and ambitious mentees Sunday morning over tea in Brooklyn that Harvard allows MBA dropouts to come back for up to five years. That is amazing. So besides a cool thing to do (one could credit Mark Zuckerberg for starting that trend), dropout risk has been reduced to zero for both sides. The dropout can return if things don’t work out and help future students gain insight into real world experiences.

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