Hack to the future: cybersecurity a priority

Late last month, Manny Medina, managing partner of MDM Capital, in a prescient and exquisitely timed move, invested $11 million in Easy Solutions, a fraud protection solutions firm. More than 100 enterprise class customers, from high-value, client-centric market segments such as banking and online retailers, leverage the Easy Solutions platform to secure over 32 million end users worldwide.

At the time of MDM Capital’s announcement, it was reported that Chinese hackers have accessed designs for more than two dozen US weapons systems and are the culprits of intellectual property theft of between half and 80% of $300 billion yearly, despite denials by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his recent meeting with President Obama.

Around the same time, too, stories broke in the media about the Department of Justice’s search of the email of Fox News journalist James Rosen regarding intelligence leaks about North Korean nuclear tests, and the NSA surveillance program of Americans’ phone calls.

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