Orientation program rolled out for all Accounting students.

He may be getting ready to graduate from the School of Accounting at Florida International University (FIU), but Frank Metellus still remembers his orientation.

“Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am without getting such an excellent start,” Metellus said. “Learning about the profession and the requirements to succeed, starting with the curriculum and opportunities at FIU, was instrumental.”

The reaction of Metellus and other students to a small-group orientation program sponsored by PWC convinced Director Ruth Ann McEwen to expand orientation, offering it to all new accounting students.

The first all-school orientation was held November 15, 2013, ten days after students, entering their junior year, were accepted into the Accounting program.

“Everything we presented was to strongly enhance the students’ ability to graduate in four years,” McEwen said. “We laid out the curriculum in a step-by-step manner so they would understand precisely what it takes to graduate on time.”

McEwen also introduced the school’s advisors, an important resource, she emphasized.

Members of the executive boards of two student accounting organizations in the College of Business—Beta Alpha Psi, the international accounting honor society, and ALPFA FIU, for accounting, finance and business-related majors—presented information.

“The students skillfully explained the overwhelming advantages of joining their organizations, including networking opportunities, and how a professional degree is not just about getting all A’s,” McEwen said.

McEwen helps students look to the future.

McEwen explained not only the details of achieving a bachelor’s degree but also what to consider when taking the next step in the profession. She included information about the Master of Accounting (MACC) degree at FIU.

McEwen encouraged students to “think outside Miami” when graduating, even if their eventual goal is to return.

“We’ve always had success in Miami but now our degree in putting people into place in Chicago, New York, London and around the world,” she said. “In this global economy, graduates are smart to consider a position outside the area, to get the experience that employers want.”

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