Test your sales skills at FIU’s new Sales Tournament & Exhibition

Have you ever thought about going into a professional sales career?  Do you enjoy solving problems for others? Are you a great listener?  Business-to-business sales may be a career path for you to explore – and your path to success could start at a new competition that’s open to all FIU students.

Nancy Rauseo

The deadline for signup for FIU Sales Program’s first Sales Tournament & Exhibition is Friday, February 21, 2014. The tournament will take place on April 4, 2014. Potential participants must undergo a five-minute role play screening. A total of 40 participants will be chosen to compete in a role-play sales scenario, which will be judged by corporate sales executives.

No previous sales experience is necessary to enter the tournament, said Nancy Rauseo, College of Business faculty member who directs the Professional Sales Program. In addition to over $2,000 in prizes and scholarships, the tournament will feature networking opportunities with employers, a career exhibition and a dinner banquet. Representatives from sponsoring companies will be on hand as judges.

Introducing a lucrative field to FIU students.

 The FIU Sales Program gives students a leg up in the lucrative business-to-business sales field, where salaries can start high and quickly escalate with success, Rauseo said. But an equally important goal of the program is to impart the basics of selling skills, valuable techniques that come in handy throughout one’s professional life.

“We sell, regardless of the job we have,” she said. “At some point in time, you have to sell to your colleagues, your boss, your bosses’ boss. You have to learn to overcome obstacles and handle objections. And as you learn these skills, you learn a lot about yourself in the process.”

Vladimir Noda, Tikha Jenkins, Michael Cimino, Anthony Ulloa, Mattson Wardy, Juan Mujica and Andrew Ghazii
Vladimir Noda, Tikha Jenkins, Michael Cimino, Anthony Ulloa, Mattson Wardy, Juan Mujica and Andrew Ghazii

The new sales tournament reflects the ongoing growth of the College of Business’ Sales Program, which includes a new Professional Sales minor, a certificate program, and a Sales Team that competes at national events.

“Every industry in the world needs salespeople,” she said. “Every field needs sales people. Even when a company struggles, salespeople are the last to go.”

To sign up for the Sales Tournament screening or get more information about the Sales Program, contact Professor Rauseo at xrauseon@fiu.edu, or Jose Nunez at jnunez027@fiu.edu.

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