Case co-authored by two College of Business Administration faculty members takes center stage at international competition.

Irma Becerra-Fernández The 9th Annual FedEx International Graduate Logistics Case Competition in Fayetteville, Arkansas focused on a case study about the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC), written by two members of the Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration: Irma Becerra-Fernández, associate professor, and Kuldeep […]

First Albert Haar Award honors owners of The Keyes Company.

Amid warm memories captured in “Through the Years,” a slide presentation showing members of the Pappas family—owners of The Keyes Company—patriarch Theodore J. Pappas (Ted) Pappas, and his sons, Mike and Tim, who now control the firm, were honored at the inaugural Albert Haar Family Business Award Luncheon. The distinguished award is designated for family […]

Conference focused on women leaders attracts worldwide audience.

Three members of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council with university representatives: Shafika Al Ameri, director; College Executive Dean Joyce J. Elam; Susan Webster; Amanda Bullough; Carmen Algeciras; Rawda Al Mutawa, chairperson; Fatima Obaid Al-Jaber, deputy chairman; and Deanna Salpietra A four-woman delegation from the College of Business Administration recently attended the “Women as Global Leaders” […]

How-to guide helps tax professionals prepare complex new form for corporations.

Cherie Hennig Corporate tax filing has just gotten more complicated with the arrival of a new tax form: Schedule M-3 Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for Corporations with Total Assets of $10 Million or More. The information recorded on the form will show discrepancies between book and taxable income. With the differences made more obvious—or transparent—the […]

Research with practical orientation identifies powerful way to secure customer loyalty.

Nancy Rauseo Process mapping—creating a diagram to help clarify a process or a series of parallel processes—is a familiar idea to most firms and companies, especially those involved in efforts such as Six Sigma or any quality management initiatives. Nancy Rauseo, instructor in the Marketing Department in the College of Business Administration, along with a […]

IMBA advisory board zeroes in on scholarships.

Dana Farrow The International MBA (IMBA) advisory board held its fall meeting, delayed by Hurricane Wilma and its aftermath, in early December. Albert Couto, the board’s chairman, welcomed the members. Paola Moreno, IMBA program manager, and Barry Shiflett, director, career management services, then shared program statistics comparing the new class with prior ones; Dana Farrow, […]

Greek press showcases College researchers' studies of import-export irregularities.

How does a mink coat for under $13.00 sound? Or a dozen men’s jackets for $53.50? Perhaps a pair of women’s shoes for $3.37? According to research by Steve Zanakis, decision sciences and information systems professor, and John Zdanowicz, finance professor, who has long studied pricing anomalies in international trade, that’s what invoices for these […]

College researchers win recognition.

Sumit K. Kundu Faculty members of the College of Business Administration continue to make significant contributions to Florida International University’s reputation as Miami’s public research university. Researchers at Michigan State University identified Ingersoll-Rand Professor of International Business Sumit K. Kundu as one of the 89 most prolific researchers in international business between 1996 and 2005. […]