Research with practical orientation identifies powerful way to secure customer loyalty.

Nancy Rauseo Process mapping—creating a diagram to help clarify a process or a series of parallel processes—is a familiar idea to most firms and companies, especially those involved in efforts such as Six Sigma or any quality management initiatives. Nancy Rauseo, instructor in the Marketing Department in the College of Business Administration, along with a […]

IMBA advisory board zeroes in on scholarships.

Dana Farrow The International MBA (IMBA) advisory board held its fall meeting, delayed by Hurricane Wilma and its aftermath, in early December. Albert Couto, the board’s chairman, welcomed the members. Paola Moreno, IMBA program manager, and Barry Shiflett, director, career management services, then shared program statistics comparing the new class with prior ones; Dana Farrow, […]

Greek press showcases College researchers' studies of import-export irregularities.

How does a mink coat for under $13.00 sound? Or a dozen men’s jackets for $53.50? Perhaps a pair of women’s shoes for $3.37? According to research by Steve Zanakis, decision sciences and information systems professor, and John Zdanowicz, finance professor, who has long studied pricing anomalies in international trade, that’s what invoices for these […]

College researchers win recognition.

Sumit K. Kundu Faculty members of the College of Business Administration continue to make significant contributions to Florida International University’s reputation as Miami’s public research university. Researchers at Michigan State University identified Ingersoll-Rand Professor of International Business Sumit K. Kundu as one of the 89 most prolific researchers in international business between 1996 and 2005. […]

Research examines effective ways for equals to manage collaborative projects.

As more and more projects stretch across geographical boundaries, team leaders need to stretch their management skills. Mary Ann Von Glinow “Cross-cultural management has to consider various cultural norms,” said Mary Ann Von Glinow, professor in the Department of Management and International Business in the College of Business Administration. “Typically, it involves people-related processes and […]

Ocean Bank supports diversity through a generous scholarship fund for accounting and finance students.

Standing, from left: Annabelle Rojas, director, external relations and resource development, Jimmie Beard, Laetitia Blanchard, Marc Phanord, Silrita Anderson, Anne Marie Colimon, Susan Duncan, Abdonlaye Dabo, and Bill Levin, assistant director, External Relations and Resource Development; sitting, from left: Yuni Navarro, vice president and human resources manager, Ocean Bank; Benigno F. Aguirre, senior vice president […]

Research uncovers clues to nations' competitiveness.

What Steve Zanakis can countries do to improve their competitiveness in global markets? Two members of the Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration, Steve Zanakis, professor, and Irma Becerra-Fernandez, associate professor, examined 43 countries listed in the World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) and derived some very interesting answers. Their […]

Bank mergers and risk: Research offers encouraging news.

“Naïve investors focus on the possible return on their investment without realizing a basic tenet in finance: if there is return, there has to be risk and vice versa,” said Arun Prakash, Knight Ridder Center for Excellence in Management research professor in finance in the College of Business Administration. Prakash and Suchismita Mishra, assistant professor […]

Make sure IT investments translate into profit.

As companies seek to improve productivity, serve their customers better, and increase market share, they often turn to technology. But technology investments are costly. According to research by Lewis F. Davidson, professor of accounting in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, taking a “balanced scorecard” (BSC) approach can help ensure that IT […]

National Science Foundation awards planning grant to College.

Irma Becerra-Fernandez, associate professor of decision sciences and information systems in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, has been awarded a research planning grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a project titled “Enabling Globally-Distributed Electronic Collaboration (GLODEC) for Expertise Studies and Human and Social Dynamics.” The year-long grant will make […]