FIU College of Business Global Sales Lab

College of Business’ Global Sales Lab offers hands-on practice.

Business savvy and performance under pressure are key to sales success – and that’s why the College of Business’ new Global Sales Lab will deliver a major advantage to FIU students. Inaugurated October 19, the Sales Lab features 12 sales training rooms, each equipped with a camera and microphones, and recording and playback capabilities. Students […]

FIU Business’ new masters program prepares professionals for the future of marketing.

Marketing has always been about knowing your customer. But figuring out what people want today takes contemporary skills: understanding the digital world and analytics, and how both inform the art of branding. Learning to combine those components is at the heart of Florida International University’s new Master of Science in Marketing, said Anthony D. Miyazaki, […]

College of Business students learned firsthand about the tough road to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur. Being your own boss. Independence. The words sound fabulous and easily roll off the tongue, but getting there isn’t a smooth road. In fact, four local entrepreneurs and FIU alumni told College of Business students, it’s a long-term work in progress. Representing businesses in the technology, office furniture, bakery and real estate industries, the […]