Multi-tasking skills honed at FIU prove essential for business success.

For Bruce Welch (IMBA-MSF ’07, BBA ’05), multi-tasking is a way of life. Currently a financial analyst at Cargill Latin America—whose parent company has sales exceeding $120 billion—he faces tasks that span the daily calculation of the business unit’s multi-million dollar commodity futures trading exposure to overseeing weekly sales of structured financial products with investment […]

First IMBA China track students complete month-long international residency.

“Who gets to go to China for a month, learn Chinese in China, meet Chinese people, and travel in the country?” Shirley Lowe (IMBA ’06) posed this question and had a simple answer: “I did.” Shirley Lowe (IMBA ’06) at the Summer Palace, Beijing, China She and Bruce Welch (BBA ’05), financial analyst, consumer products, […]