Annual Faculty Awards Luncheon honors professional accomplishments.

All awards are welcome, but recognition by one’s peers, and for professors, recognition by one’s students, is particularly meaningful. Each year, the dedication of members of the faculty of the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU) gets special attention at the Faculty Awards Luncheon. Held this year on October 20th, the luncheon […]

From around the globe, professionals celebrate earning their Corporate MBA—completely online.

“When I heard I could earn a Corporate MBA online with a university as reputable as Florida International University (FIU), I jumped at the chance,” said California resident Abdelaziz “Aziz” Zakkout (CMBA ’11). Like many others, Zakkout’s first time on campus was to attend the Corporate MBA Class of 2011 Graduation Celebration, held August 13th […]