New Business Alumni Chapter Board members devise engaging alumni programming.

A team of 12 dedicated individuals have come together to serve the Business Alumni Chapter this fiscal year. Summer meetings yield ideas for innovative programs focused on leadership. The enthusiastic group met several times over the summer to begin planning the coming fiscal year’s alumni program. The theme is leadership: “Lead in life, lead in […]

College begins to cement relationship with Tarmac, a Titan America Business.

A chance meeting at a Florida International University (FIU) event in the spring of 2009 between Barry Shiflett, director, Career Management Services (CMS) in the College of Business Administration, and Carlo Amato, human resources director, Titan America, has led to a new relationship between the business school and the global corporation. Titan America is part […]

Advisory board for Career Management Services holds first meeting.

Left to right: Dawn Lazar, Elsie Florido, Barry Shiflett, and Ellie Browner The concept of advisory boards pervades graduate programs in the College of Business Administration’s Chapman School. The formula: assemble a group of energetic business leaders with an interest in your mission and goals. Then, get their feedback on your activities and initiatives to […]