Study helps show what’s in store for shopping center rents.

William G. Hardin III Understanding the rent potential of shopping centers has consequences for developers and retailers alike. As developers determine where to build or redevelop and as tenants weigh their options for where to locate, the question of which spaces can expect to command premium rents—and why—needs careful attention. Research by William G. Hardin […]

College finance professor helps banks track terrorist financing.

The words of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s secret source Deep Throat to “follow the money” in their Watergate investigation resonate today with multiple law enforcement agencies as they try to uncover money-laundering schemes and terrorist financing. John Zdanowicz For sixteen years, John Zdanowicz, professor, Department of Finance, in the college, has worked with data […]

Sophisticated computer model adds to knowledge about the impacts of hurricanes on insurance costs.

  Shahid Hamid, professor in the Department of Finance in the College of Business Administration, director of Florida International University’s International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC)’s Laboratory for Financial, Insurance, and Economic Research, and lead investigator on the project. Researchers who worked on the model, International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) affiliates and board members, and other […]