New director outlines clear vision and agenda for the Ryder Center for Supply Chain Management.

Walfried Lassar Supply chain management can affect every aspect of today’s business environment—from marketing, finance, and distribution to global logistics and international business. What’s more, an increasing number of companies rely on supply chain management for competitive advantage. The magnifier effect makes a dramatic statement: a $1 reduction in cost from supply chain efficiencies is […]

Information technology plays an increasingly key role in sales performance.

The image of the salesperson shuffling from customer to customer with a satchel full of wares is ancient history. Today’s sales force hits the streets armed with cell phones, PDAs, and laptops, plus spreadsheets and other software programs that provide the data and analytic capabilities needed to build and maintain customer satisfaction. How can companies […]

Research with practical orientation identifies powerful way to secure customer loyalty.

Nancy Rauseo Process mapping—creating a diagram to help clarify a process or a series of parallel processes—is a familiar idea to most firms and companies, especially those involved in efforts such as Six Sigma or any quality management initiatives. Nancy Rauseo, instructor in the Marketing Department in the College of Business Administration, along with a […]