Summit of the Americas: Much Ado About Nothing

Searching for substance in the summit’s declaration is akin to looking for a polar bear in a snowstorm. Summits of the Americas traditionally have been vacuous, mind-numbing conventions of inter-American heads of state and their acolytes in which pompous, sermon-style pontifications and amorphous and anodyne declarations—substance-free and coma-inducing—are delivered to the press and whoever else […]

Digging Deep

Latin America is not immune to the economic downturn, but, says Jude Webber, with more stable governments and encouragement of foreign investment, the region is perhaps better positioned to deal with it than ever before. Worried about the economic crisis? Thinking of cutting back? Think again, Argentine president Cristina Kirchner advised this month. Though her […]

New initiatives increase career-readiness of undergraduates to benefit employers worldwide.

“In a highly competitive global environment, all students need a competitive edge in the international marketplace,” said Jerry Haar, associate dean for international affairs and projects, and professor, Department of Management and International Business. “We know that our marketing graduates face fierce competition for jobs—as well as having a wide variety of career options that […]

Two new books take larger-than-usual view of global competition.

Within one week, Jerry Haar, associate dean for international affairs and projects, and professor, Department of Management and International Business in the College of Business Administration, saw the publication of two books he co-edited: Can Latin America Compete? Confronting the Challenges of Globalization with John Price; and Small Firms, Global Markets: Competitive Challenges in the […]

College launches popular graduate programs in Mexico and Panama.

Combine solid economies in countries with strong U.S. ties, proven graduate programs offered by the College of Business Administration, and the college’s commitment to sharing the expertise of its faculty to benefit students globally, and you have the foundation for the expansion of the Master of Accounting (MACC) to Mexico and the Professional MBA (PMBA) […]

Dialogue intensifies between the Chapman School and leading Chinese universities.

Chapman School Associate Dean Tomislav Mandakovic, right, meets with universities and their students in China. It’s no surprise that prospective students and other business school administrators want to learn more about what the College of Business Administration at Florida International University can offer them. What may be surprising is that many of the interested parties […]

Local event brings international perspective to business prospects in Venezuela.

With the landslide election of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela in December, 2006, businesses operating there are grappling with the potential consequences. More than 115 individuals got much-needed and much-appreciated insight from experts who spoke at the “Global Intelligence Briefing,” co-sponsored by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Regions Bank, and the College of Business Administration. […]

Dual Degree program signs official agreement with University of Puerto Rico.

Through the Dual Degree program offered by the Chapman Graduate School, students obtain an MBA from their home universities and a Master of International Business (MIB) from Florida International University in considerably less time than it would take if they pursued the two degrees sequentially. The Global Dual Degree Network includes 24 institutional members from […]