Accounting students tackle real-world challenges in 2009 xTAX competition.

Business is a place where theory is executed in real-time. Decisions carry consequences, communication is key and collaborative thinking a must. The national xTAX case study competition, sponsored by global tax services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), encourages students to think outside the confines of the classroom where these business lessons can best be learned. In late […]

Industry marketing leaders offer insights into “the new normal” at FIU-hosted conference.

Analysts and executives—along with those working in the marketing trenches—agree: The profound shift in the global economy has triggered a reset to a lower baseline of commercial activity. People borrow less, save more and spend with much greater caution. This is “the new normal.” The big question for marketers is how to respond. The tough, […]

Alumnus leads Miami-Dade College's Wolfson campus to new heights.

Rolando Montoya Rolando Montoya’s (PhD ’03, MS ’85) appreciation for diversity and international perspective help him run a major educational and cultural institution in South Florida.  The role of a lifelong student and educator has prepared him for his current responsibilities as president of the Wolfson campus, Miami-Dade College. A native of Cuba, he grew […]