FIU center creates a passage to India, virtually.

FIU center creates a passage to India, virtually.

Since 2008, FIU’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has sponsored a trip to India, bringing faculty to the nation’s top corporations and iconic historical sites and expanding its offerings through the years. When COVID-19 skuttled plans for the 2020 in-person program, known as Professional Development in International Business (PDIB), the center decided […]

Mercosur Professional Development in Business showcases unique aspects of three Latin American countries.

During a June 23, 2009 press conference, a reporter questioned President Obama about relations with Latin American countries. He offered insights about Chile, whose president, Michelle Bachelet, he was meeting with that day. Pressed for insights into other countries, Obama provided a different set of details about Brazil. Had any of the sixteen faculty members […]

South American trip offers firsthand look at Latin American culture and business dynamics.

This year, thirteen university professors and administrators from across the United States journeyed to Brasil, Argentina, and Chile as part of the Tenth Annual Professional Development in International Business (PDIB)-Mercosur program. “The main objective of the PDIB-Mercosur is to raise the awareness of U.S. business professionals and faculty members around the country about the social, […]