Students experience the rich blend of cultures that is Istanbul.

According to a Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium report, globalization, leadership development and experiential learning are the lynchpins of management education in the 21st century. For years-and many times throughout the year-the College of Business Administration has provided students experiential learning through short-term study aboard programs. Immersed in a different environment, students take management courses, […]

Simulation offers taste of the real world—and success.

Students in Strategic Management in the Multinational Corporation, taught by Randall Martin (BA ’76), a member of the Department of Management and International Business, achieved repeated successes during the fall semester in the Business Strategy Game, used by 2,000 teams at 161 universities around the world. Players take a global athletic shoe company through five years of […]

College students experience Europe: east and west.

As students in a college known for its excellence in international business, many undergraduates and graduates take advantage of the opportunities the business school offers for well-planned, information-rich trips across the globe. In March, 2007, a group of undergraduates went to Paris in a study-abroad program, the logistics of which the Center for International Business […]

Farmer-to-Farmer program helps rural Honduran university develop strategic plan for growth.

Randall Martin Situated on the eastern coast of Honduras between breathtaking mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Centro Universitario Regional Del Litoral Atlántico (CURLA) is an extension branch of the national university system. Many of its 2,500 students come from low-income families who live and work in the surrounding rural area. Tuition averages approximately $20 […]