With a new class and a $300,000 investment, FIU Business students prepare to enter the bond market.

With a new class and a $300,000 investment, FIU Business students prepare to enter the bond market.

FIU Business students who aspire to work as bond traders/analysts – some of Wall Street’s most demanding jobs — will have an opportunity to build their skills using real research and real money, thanks to a new class featuring a $300,000 investment from Florida International University. This spring marks the start of the new Student […]

Alumna entrepreneur, community professionals pave the road to jobs for FIU finance students.

After getting a master’s degree in finance at Florida International University’s (FIU) College of Business and completing several internships, Sofia Bitela (MSF ’10, MSHRD ’08) thought it was time to strike out on her own. From her experience transitioning from the university into the workplace, she saw how important it was to be proficient in […]

State Farm Financial Literacy Lab: SMIF Consumer Staples Outlook

During economic downturns, investors often flock to the consumer staples sector because consumer staples is mainly comprised of companies that sell nondurable goods, goods that do not last longer than three years. These products, which are necessities, have inelastic demand because when the economy is in a recession, consumers have lower disposable income; this steers […]

FIU students beat the market, take on NYC.

They took New York by storm. Their investment strategy beat the S&P 500. And they helped pioneer an important new financial education program for high school students. For Juan Alfonso, Alex Chediak, Ignacio Chavarria, Justin Garcia, Lauren Gonzalez and Charles Stack—students in Florida International University’s (FIU) Student Managed Investment Fund—it was a banner spring. “Students […]

Most recent commencement brings sense of achievement to all.

Nearly 1,000 students in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU) graduated in Fall Commencement ceremonies on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. In the morning, 582 business students received their bachelor’s degrees; 411 graduate students, two of them new PhDs, graduated in the afternoon. College has strong presence among Worlds Ahead Graduates. Three […]

Budding financial analysts put their knowledge into practice.

At no time in recent history has prudent investing been more important. A group of students in the College of Business Administration will try their hand at the process using real money—thanks to generous donors—and under the guidance of an eleven-person advisory board composed of members of the business community. “The board will ask tough […]