Accounting expert offers ways to turn struggling dairy industry into cash cow.

Facing depressed prices over the last three years, the dairy farm business in Honduras finds itself imperiled. “Unless they determine an alternative that could be profitable enough for them to remain in the dairy business, farmers may have to abandon the market in a few years,” said Carmen Algeciras (MIB ’03, BA ’01), former director, […]

Department of State’s energy advisor meets with college’s Energy Business Forum.

Ed Glab, director, Knight Ridder Center for Excellence in Management; Carmen Algeciras (MIB ’03, BA ’01), director, USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program; Greg Manuel, Department of State energy advisor, and George Philippidis, associate director of the university’s Applied Research Center. On December 4, 2007, Greg Manuel, Department of State energy advisor to Condoleezza Rice, met with members […]

The beauty of natural fibers inspires a Guatemalan village to create a brighter future.

Chopping and cooking palm fiber in Guatemala Five years ago, a severe drought brought hardship and hunger to the people of Jocotán, a small village in rural Guatemala. Today, the villagers turn to this once-parched land as a creative source for income and job opportunities, thanks in part to the volunteer program sponsored by the […]

Workshop takes a tropical twist: Farmer-to-Farmer program connects with tropical agricultural research.

Tropical fruit production and research take place in the two geographic extremes of the United States: South Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean region; and Hawaii and Guam in the Pacific Basin. While they face many of the same challenges, researchers in both regions had never come together […]

New Farmer-to-Farmer partnership plants seeds of opportunity in Central America.

Agricultural businesses and farming organizations in Central America may soon begin reaping the benefits of U.S.-developed agricultural technology thanks to a new partnership between the John Ogonowski Farmer-to-Farmer (FTF) Program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Public Intellectual Property Resources for Agriculture (PIPRA). In April, the College of Business Administration’s […]