• The Miami Herald – February 14, 2021
    A special report about tech entrepreneurs and finance gurus relocating to Miami, John Nykolaiszyn, director of business career services at FIU’s College of Business, explained that the local hiring landscape has is in the beginning stage. “I haven’t seen or heard any traction with our students or graduates.” He added that Miami’s talent is uniquely positioned because of its diversity… “that’s major play for firms that move down here,” Nykolaiszyn said. Article
  • Daily Free Press – February 8, 2021
    In a story about a conference on healthcare and legal issues, Miriam Weismann, academic director of the Healthcare MBA program, delivered a keynote presentation – “Not the Same America For All: The Discriminatory Impact of COVID-19.” “We have unequal access to healthcare, we have discriminatory impacts on minorities… “We need to change the way we think about health care delivery,” she said. Article
  • Univision Contigo – February 7, 2021
    In a story about assistance for small businesses trying to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ray Juncosa, consultant with the Florida SBDC at FIU Business shared information about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) designed to help business owners in maintaining employees’ salaries, covering utilities and other eligible expenses. Watch It
  • NBC6 – February 4, 2021
    In a story about South Floridian’s financial struggles during the pandemic, many say another relief check would be a major help, Deanne Butchey, teaching professor in the Department of Finance, explained that the funds have helped avoid a major recession or even a depression. “There’s a big chunk of people who really need that money,” she said. “They need to feed their kids.” Watch It
  • South Florida Business Journal – February 3, 2021
    A story highlighted FIU Business new online MBA in sports management developed in partnership with Real Madrid Graduate School —Universidad Europea. Florida International University’s College of Business introduced a Professional Online MBA in sports management, developed in partnership with the Real Madrid Graduate School at Universidad Europea. Article
  • The Miami Herald – February 1, 2021
    In a story about the annual Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition, FIU Business faculty members Karlene Cousins, associate professor of information systems and business analytics, and Seema Pissaris, clinical professor of international business, as well as Ricardo Weisz, consultant to the Florida Small Business Development Center at FIU, and alumnus Juan Carlos Abello (BS ’09) were featured as judges. Article
  • CBS4 – January 26, 2021
    In a report about small businesses struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic and the assistance available to keep paying employees and keep their doors open, Brian Van Hook, director of Florida Small Business Development Center at FIU Business, described them as the drivers of the local economy. “A lot of these small businesses, especially here in Miami, are the innovators that are coming up with new trends, products, services,” he said. Article
  • Financial Times – January 25, 2021
    In a story about the increase of MBA courses for esports and sports management, the Business School Briefing highlighted FIU Business new online MBA in sports management developed in partnership with Real Madrid Graduate School —Universidad Europea. The program aims to prepare graduates to successfully and responsibly manage sports institutions. Article
  • AACSB Insights – January 25, 2021
    In a story about FIU Business efforts to help other business students connect and thrive during the pandemic, Arijit Sengupta, associate dean for accreditation and technology systems, highlighted the Brave Zone, a series of webinars focused on topics ranging from mental and physical well-being habits to how to maintain motivation. The initiative was developed by the FIU student chapter of the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. Article
  • South Florida Business and Wealth – January 24, 2021
    Suzanne Hollander, associate teaching professor at the Hollo School of Real Estate, was appointed to the U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Specialist Roster as Expert in Real Estate. “I address this challenge by taking steps to build my knowledge, skills and reputation in real estate, build my network of real estate leaders who support the promotion of competent women,” said Hollander, a real estate attorney.
  • CBS4 – January 22, 2021
    In a report about Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’ plan to bring tech companies to Miami, George Marakas, director of doctoral programs at FIU Business, explained that a possible boom in high-tech business will mean high-paying jobs for South Florida. “… the agility that is necessary to bring something, a new technical idea out of the ground and bring it to fruition, really takes some entrepreneurial thinking,” said Marakas. Watch it
  • CNN.com – January 18, 2021
    In a story about the rise of the “fake commute,” wherein people replace that daily transition with various activities, Ravi Gajendran, associate professor of global leadership and management, pointed out that working from home during the pandemic makes the transition between work and home difficult. “It’s hard to leave behind the stresses and mental worries of work-related Zoom call and instantly switch to being a loving and caring partner or spouse.” Article
  • Komu.com – January 18, 2021
    In a story about how commuting may have been a ritual that was critical for their workers’ mental health and work-life balance, Ravi Gajendran, associate professor of global leadership and management, discussed the “fake commute.” He noted the challenges of parent/spouse and an employee multiple times during a day. “It’s hard to smoothly hop on to a work-related Zoom call right after dealing with a demanding situation with kids at home.” Article
  • FoxNews.com – January 18, 2021
    In a story about the possibility of a new pandemic spawning from China, Attila Hertelendy, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, explained that the “threat still remains high” for another calamity from China. He noted that “there needs to be an overall improvement in collaboration among global governments, as well as to enhancing data-sharing agreements so that information can be reported in real-time.” Article
  • WalletHub – January, 14, 2021
    In a story about Travelers Car Insurance, Anna Pietraszek, assistant teaching professor of marketing, explained the importance of customer reviews when making a decision about an insurance company. “It is not so much about the potential situation, but how a case was handled,” she said. Base on the many choices that consumers have, “Any insurance company needs to build top-of-mind awareness.” Article
  • Bankrate.com – January 13, 2021
    In a story about the increased popularity of “house hacking,” Suzanne Hollander, associate teaching professor at the Hollo School of Real Estate, explained that the concept combines homeownership with landlording. The Federal Housing Administration offers loans to buy a duplex or triplex with a down payment of just 3.5 percent. “The approach appeals to buyers who are daunted by the responsibility of a monthly mortgage payment,” she said. Article
  • WalletHub – January 11, 2021
    In a story about secured credit cards David Barman, associate teaching professor in the School of Accounting, explained that this industry provides an opportunity for consumers that might not otherwise qualify for an unsecured line of credit. He added that while secured credit cards minimize the risk on the financial institution, there still are associated costs with providing this product to customers. Article