Telecommuting positively impacts job performance, FIU Business study reveals.

Telecommuting contributes to improved job performance for employees in complex jobs, allowing them to benefit from fewer interruptions common in an office setting, research from FIU Business finds. Overall, telecommuting has little negative impact on performance, even in jobs that require frequent interaction and communication with others. “We find that for most job characteristics we […]

College of Business class sets students on the road to a happier life.

College of Business class sets students on the road to a happier life.

While most professors care about their students’ well being, it’s the rare faculty member who decides to make increasing students’ happiness her personal and professional mission. That’s what’s unique about Sungu Armagan, an FIU College of Business senior instructor known for her infectious smile and upbeat personality. When Armagan started teaching MBA courses, she saw […]

Global Leadership and Management: Preparing future leaders for next-generation workplaces.

With internationally-recognized faculty and top-ranked academic programs, the new Global Leadership and Management department (GLAM) has a clear mission: preparing students to lead and manage next generation workplaces. Previously part of the Department of Management and International Business, GLAM will leverage the expertise of its faculty to equip students with both specific skills and theoretical […]