Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok hold surprises for Executive MBA students.

The Global Business Trip, which enables students to experience international business firsthand, is a key element of the college’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program. “It’s wonderful to read about another country and to learn about the business opportunities there, but you don’t really understand the cultural differences or the political issues until you are able to […]

Students experience the rich blend of cultures that is Istanbul.

According to a Harvard Business School Centennial Colloquium report, globalization, leadership development and experiential learning are the lynchpins of management education in the 21st century. For years-and many times throughout the year-the College of Business Administration has provided students experiential learning through short-term study aboard programs. Immersed in a different environment, students take management courses, […]

The intersection of the modern and traditional in Dubai captivates students.

“Seeing the desert for me was like someone who had never seen the ocean,” said Jessica Aristizabal (IMBA ’07), program coordinator, international graduate programs, who helped plan the latest Master of International Business (MIB) trip, which took her and 51 others to Dubai from March 14-21, 2009. Like all MIB trips, this one involved a […]

Trip to the “City of Lights” enlightens undergraduates on uniquely French approach to business and culture.

Viva la France! So exclaimed the 36 students who journeyed to Paris this March as part of a study abroad program coordinated by the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). With an itinerary as rich as Paris itself, the jam-packed visit focused in equal parts on the business and cultural aspects of France. […]