Farmer-to-Farmer program helps rural Honduran university develop strategic plan for growth.

Randall Martin Situated on the eastern coast of Honduras between breathtaking mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Centro Universitario Regional Del Litoral Atlántico (CURLA) is an extension branch of the national university system. Many of its 2,500 students come from low-income families who live and work in the surrounding rural area. Tuition averages approximately $20 […]

New Farmer-to-Farmer partnership plants seeds of opportunity in Central America.

Agricultural businesses and farming organizations in Central America may soon begin reaping the benefits of U.S.-developed agricultural technology thanks to a new partnership between the John Ogonowski Farmer-to-Farmer (FTF) Program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Public Intellectual Property Resources for Agriculture (PIPRA). In April, the College of Business Administration’s […]