CIBER awards grants to 11 faculty members for international business research.

From exploring a virtual Cuba world to examining the impact of language in advertising to bilingual Hispanics, members of the faculty of the College of Business Administration tackle research projects that help Florida International University (FIU) fulfill its mission as a public research institution. And, as part of its mission, the university’s Center for International […]

New initiatives increase career-readiness of undergraduates to benefit employers worldwide.

“In a highly competitive global environment, all students need a competitive edge in the international marketplace,” said Jerry Haar, associate dean for international affairs and projects, and professor, Department of Management and International Business. “We know that our marketing graduates face fierce competition for jobs—as well as having a wide variety of career options that […]

Conference enables women to take next steps along leadership path.

Team building activity, Acid River, aimed at testing participants’ abilities to prioritize, organize, and mobilize around a challenge. “Women on the Move: Advancing Authentic Leaders” brought together experts on leadership and women rising in their organizations. Organized by Florida International University’s Center for Leadership and run by the College of Business Administration’s Office of Executive […]

Students take the art of negotiation from the classroom to the business world.

Kimberly Taylor One’s ability to negotiate effectively with co-workers, superiors, and subordinates is taking on an increasingly important role in today’s global workplace. According to Kimberly Taylor, associate professor in the college’s Department of Marketing, people need to use active listening techniques, adopt effective question techniques, interpret non-verbal communication accurately, employ collaborative communication, and think […]