MSMIS program grooms women leaders in high-tech.

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) program in the College of Business Administration evolves continuously in response to a changing environment, but one factor remains constant. “We want to graduate students who are qualified to take leadership positions in IT in South Florida,” said Irma Becerra-Fernández, associate professor in the Decision Sciences […]

MSMIS program revises curriculum to prepare future CIOs.

Veronica Gómes, IBM, MSMIS student; Tatiana López, MSMIS program assistant; Juan Poggio, Telefónica USA, MSMIS advisory board member and alumnus; Zuzana Hlavacova, MSMIS program manager; and Julia Accárdo, FP&L, MSMIS alumna at the MSMIS retreat in Key Largo Despite the laid-back atmosphere in the Florida Keys, a recent two-day retreat held in Key Largo to […]