They’re Number One! FIU’s AMA named “International Collegiate Chapter of the Year.”

There were 300 chapters fiercely competing but only one won the title. At the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) 33rd annual International Collegiate Chapter Conference held in New Orleans on March 24-26, the title of “International Collegiate Chapter of the Year” went to Florida International University (FIU). This is the second time in six years that […]

Students learn selling skills . . . by selling.

“Close to 70% of students with marketing degrees end up in sales.”—College recruiters “I don’t consider myself a selling-type person.”—Diane Edwards, marketing major, College of Business Administration, Florida International University (FIU) Given that such a high percentage of marketing majors become salespeople, and given the resistance expressed by Edwards and likely shared by many of […]

College of Business Administration establishes strategic alliance to offer interactive online certification program in customer relationship management.

It began with the arrival of an email message from the College of Business Administration announcing a course in customer relationship management (CRM). It continued with the recipient, Manny Buigas, principal of Axis Integrated Solutions, enrolling. And now, it has resulted in the development and initial offering of a one-of-a-kind, interactive CRM online certification program […]

Research with practical orientation identifies powerful way to secure customer loyalty.

Nancy Rauseo Process mapping—creating a diagram to help clarify a process or a series of parallel processes—is a familiar idea to most firms and companies, especially those involved in efforts such as Six Sigma or any quality management initiatives. Nancy Rauseo, instructor in the Marketing Department in the College of Business Administration, along with a […]