Accounting students tackle real-world challenges in 2009 xTAX competition.

Business is a place where theory is executed in real-time. Decisions carry consequences, communication is key and collaborative thinking a must. The national xTAX case study competition, sponsored by global tax services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), encourages students to think outside the confines of the classroom where these business lessons can best be learned. In late […]

Peers and business community benefit from student efforts.

With job searches always a challenge for students, and with businesses seeking capable interns or employees, events that match the two groups can only bring benefits to both. Firms Night, organized by Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) and Business Industry Night, organized by the Florida International University Accounting Association (FIU-AA) offer just that. Firms Night preserves […]

Accounting students gain valuable experience at national workshop . . . for free.

Where can a group of talented accounting students from all over the country meet for sessions on networking, mentoring and techniques to prepare for and pass the CPA exam plus conduct self-assessments to determine their personality and working style? At the Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop, held in Peachtree City, Georgia from May 28-30, 2009-part of […]