Faculty member's research addresses future needs of the workplace.

Tomorrow’s businesses likely will eschew the vertical structural models of today in favor of assembling teams of experts for time-limited, project-specific collaborations, said Irma Becerra-Fernández (PhD ’94), associate professor, Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration. In this new environment, how will businesses amass the human capital and expertise needed […]

Is continual change always a good thing?

Chris Changwha Chung presents his dissertation in the dissertation panel session at the Academy of Management 2007 Annual Meeting. Change remains a constant factor in today’s business world—one that affects organizations of all types and sizes, including international joint ventures. To succeed in this volatile environment, conventional wisdom suggests that managers should alter their organizational […]

Study helps show what’s in store for shopping center rents.

William G. Hardin III Understanding the rent potential of shopping centers has consequences for developers and retailers alike. As developers determine where to build or redevelop and as tenants weigh their options for where to locate, the question of which spaces can expect to command premium rents—and why—needs careful attention. Research by William G. Hardin […]

Renowned researcher presents Presidential Lecture.

David L. Birch David L. Birch, business demography and public policy consultant, recently lectured in Florida International University’s prestigious Presidential Lecture Series. The talk, titled “Entrepreneurship in a Transformed Society,” drew an enthusiastic audience that included university President Modesto A. Maidique. Dr. Birch, formerly an MIT senior research scientist and the first winner, in 1996, […]

College researchers win recognition.

Sumit K. Kundu Faculty members of the College of Business Administration continue to make significant contributions to Florida International University’s reputation as Miami’s public research university. Researchers at Michigan State University identified Ingersoll-Rand Professor of International Business Sumit K. Kundu as one of the 89 most prolific researchers in international business between 1996 and 2005. […]

Research examines effective ways for equals to manage collaborative projects.

As more and more projects stretch across geographical boundaries, team leaders need to stretch their management skills. Mary Ann Von Glinow “Cross-cultural management has to consider various cultural norms,” said Mary Ann Von Glinow, professor in the Department of Management and International Business in the College of Business Administration. “Typically, it involves people-related processes and […]

Research uncovers clues to nations' competitiveness.

What Steve Zanakis can countries do to improve their competitiveness in global markets? Two members of the Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration, Steve Zanakis, professor, and Irma Becerra-Fernandez, associate professor, examined 43 countries listed in the World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) and derived some very interesting answers. Their […]

Bank mergers and risk: Research offers encouraging news.

“Naïve investors focus on the possible return on their investment without realizing a basic tenet in finance: if there is return, there has to be risk and vice versa,” said Arun Prakash, Knight Ridder Center for Excellence in Management research professor in finance in the College of Business Administration. Prakash and Suchismita Mishra, assistant professor […]

Make sure IT investments translate into profit.

As companies seek to improve productivity, serve their customers better, and increase market share, they often turn to technology. But technology investments are costly. According to research by Lewis F. Davidson, professor of accounting in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, taking a “balanced scorecard” (BSC) approach can help ensure that IT […]

National Science Foundation awards planning grant to College.

Irma Becerra-Fernandez, associate professor of decision sciences and information systems in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, has been awarded a research planning grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a project titled “Enabling Globally-Distributed Electronic Collaboration (GLODEC) for Expertise Studies and Human and Social Dynamics.” The year-long grant will make […]