“Biofuels in the Americas” conference explores technology, investment, and the path forward.

More than 170 energy experts, executives from multinational corporations, and high-ranking government officials from across the Western Hemisphere gathered at Florida International University on January 24, 2008, to discuss the state of biofuels in The Americas at a day-long conference that reinforced the College of Business Administration’s commitment to international business. Dr. Brenda Haendler, Science […]

Research examines pivotal role technology now plays in establishing work-life boundaries.

Karlene Cousins We all can identify with the challenge of balancing work and life boundaries, especially in today’s computer-powered and increasingly wireless world. For Karlene Cousins, assistant professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration, interest in how people use technology every day evolved into academic research […]

Information technology plays an increasingly key role in sales performance.

The image of the salesperson shuffling from customer to customer with a satchel full of wares is ancient history. Today’s sales force hits the streets armed with cell phones, PDAs, and laptops, plus spreadsheets and other software programs that provide the data and analytic capabilities needed to build and maintain customer satisfaction. How can companies […]

Make sure IT investments translate into profit.

As companies seek to improve productivity, serve their customers better, and increase market share, they often turn to technology. But technology investments are costly. According to research by Lewis F. Davidson, professor of accounting in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, taking a “balanced scorecard” (BSC) approach can help ensure that IT […]