Task force wants 'green living' to catch on.

BOCA RATON – Laura Castanza saves leftover dishwater for her plants, feeds food scraps to her pets and recycles — adamantly.

greenCastanza is trying to live “green,” making choices both large and small that have the least impact on natural resources. Now, Castanza and eight other Boca Raton residents want to take their commitment to the environment to the people.

“How can we increase participation by the community to green living?” she asked. “It’s becoming a role model. You can’t be talking about this and not living it.”


Education will be key, Castanza said. Co-chairwoman Susan Clemmons, a professor at Florida International University, agreed.

“It’s good to recycle but we want to address deeper things to encourage people to actually listen and change their behavior to support a greener Boca,” Clemmons said. Clemmons says she sees environmental consciousness in people in the city, saying, “It could be because everyone’s talking about it. There’s definitely a value system.”

Read: “Task force wants ‘green living’ to catch on“, an article from The Sun-Sentinel.com.

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