Better together: Business Partners Program engages community with students and faculty.

The College of Business Administration’s new Business Partners Program creates what you might call a win-win scenario for all who participate. Alumni and business community members welcome the opportunity to share experiences, insights and plans. And students and faculty get to learn more about winning companies (and the people who lead them) in the South Florida marketplace.

“The professionals in the program really mentor our students,” said Melissa Izquierdo (BBA ’10), coordinator, corporate and community relations. “They give time as guest lecturers in the classroom, or as guest speakers during a student organization meeting. They also provide corporate tours and internships. The opportunities are endless.”

As part of the Business Partners Program, IBHS members toured LAN CARGO.

She adds that partners are engaged through their core interests and when matched to a group searching for the same goal, the outcomes are “spectacular.”

Program provides greater understanding of the “real” business world.

So far 12 business partners are participating in the program, including Claudio Silvo, vice president, sales, North America and Asia, LAN CARGO, who recently took students on a tour of the company’s modern cargo facilities at the Miami International Airport.

“As one of the biggest corporations in Miami Dade, we feel it is our responsibility to support educational institutions such as Florida International University (FIU) and to give the students a taste of the business world beyond the classroom,” he said.

Belinda Sardinas, past president of the college’s International Business Honor Society, recognizes the benefits of the Business Partner Program.

“Through the program, we are able to meet influential alumni and business community members who are willing to share their experiences with us,” she said.

She looks forward to soon being among the FIU alumni who choose to come back and share their time and talents with students.

“It’s inspiring to see how far we can go with FIU as our foundation,” she said.

Interested in becoming involved with the Business Partners Program? Please contact Melissa Izquierdo to learn more.


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