Forget the balloons: human resources can play a strategic role in an organization’s success.

True or false: a company’s most valuable resource is its people. Though the answer is “true,” many have an erroneously negative impression of the functional department—human resources (HR)—that manages personnel and more, according to Juan I. Sanchez, professor and Knight Ridder Byron Harless Eminent Scholar Chair in Management, Department of Management and International Business in […]

Master’s program prepares students for a rewarding career in human resources.

Juan I. Sánchez We used to call it the personnel department. Known today as human resources (HR), it plays a strategic role in building and guiding a company’s workforce. The Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MSHRM) program offered by the College of Business Administration provides a twelve-month specialized master’s program that prepares graduates […]

New Executive and Professional Education certification delights human resources professionals.

Most disciplines expect their professionals to stay current in their fields. In the area of human resources (HR), it’s a formal—and rigorous—requirement for those who wish to maintain their certification as Professionals in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR). Hard work on the part of the staff of Executive and Professional […]