Business students learn the art of professional dressing.

Leticia Romano, a junior majoring in marketing and international business at Florida International University (FIU), learned quite a bit as a co-coordinator of the Alpha Kappa Psi “From Paris to Tokyo Professional Fashion Show.” She discovered how to plan events, coordinate show elements and build relationships with sponsors. Plus she learned that not everybody knows […]

Truly, the best of class: 83 are inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma.

With the world frequently using adjectives that “hedge” and accolades that encompass everyone, recognizing absolute excellence is particularly important. In spring 2012, 83 students from the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU) were inducted into the international honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. “Only the top ten percent of undergraduate business students and […]

Undergrads serve as editorial team—and writers—for CUIBE international business journal.

Having a keen focus on international business isn’t the only differentiator for the Journal for Global Business and Community (JGBC), an academic journal from CUIBE, the Consortium of Undergraduate International Business Education, with 30 member schools. The multidisciplinary journal, housed at FIU, is a project of the International Business Honor Society (IBHS), a student organization […]