Meet Bill Wilson: An alumnus who knows how to network.

There is one thing Bill Wilson (MBA ’06, BBA ’04) knows: how to network. Wilson is a young, up- and-coming professional in government, born and raised right here in South Florida. He always has been a very proud Floridian. He was accepted to numerous universities, but when he visited Florida International University, he knew that was where he wanted to be.

Bill Wilson

Once Bill arrived at the university, he became fully enveloped in campus activities. He was a student ambassador, the Student Government Representative from the college, in the National College Honor Society, and a member of Golden Key, the NAR society, Phi Kappa Phi, and Beta Gamma Sigma.

His involvement in student activities such as student government and as resident advisor won him the honor of being the Homecoming King in 2002. Wilson also was the student representative on the Business Alumni Chapter Board of Directors and proved to be quite beneficial to the board.

Monique Catoggio, director of Alumni and Partner Relations, said “It is so important for us to get regular feedback from both our undergraduate and graduate students as they get ready to join our alumni family. As our student representative on the board, Wilson provided us with that voice. Through many of his suggestions, we were able to communicate more effectively with our incoming alumni.”

Wilson graduated in 2004 with a BBA in finance and management information systems. After graduating, he moved to Washington, DC, to work in the university’s Federal Relations Office. He had the opportunity to interact closely with congressional staff members on legislative priorities.

After his stint in Washington, Wilson returned to the university to obtain an MBA with a concentration in finance.  He worked as an assistant director of development in the university’s advancement area, where he was the liaison to its Council of 100.  The Council of 100 is a consortium of corporate business leaders who support the university in the community.

Wilson said he believes that working with the university in Miami and in its congressional office have been fundamental to his career development.

Upon finishing his master’s degree, Wilson was given the opportunity to take a position within the state legislature. He currently is working for the Florida House of Representatives for the future speaker of the house, Marco Rubio, who will take his new post in November, 2006.  His duties keep him traveling between the District 111 office in Coral Gables and the capital in Tallahassee, where he works directly both with local constituents and on legislative policy.

“The faculty in the college provide students with a real-world, team-oriented academic environment,” Wilson said. “The case-based classroom discussions mirror similar situations that are encountered in the business world. The business school is unique in creating a global approach to working with diverse groups of people.”

From college to a real world setting, Wilson has shown how interacting with others can be a valuable asset to personal and professional success. His advice to new graduates is “to be sure to use the networks that you have acquired at the university and in the community.  The relationships you are able to establish will help strengthen opportunities for you in the future.”

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